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Tetley One Cup Tea Bags Catering (Pack of 1100) A01161
Cafe Maid Luxury Coffee Creamer Pots 12ml (Pack of 120) A02082
Lakeland Full Fat Milk Pots (Pack of 120) A01982
Lakeland Semi-Skimmed Milk Pots (Pack of 120) A00879
PG Tips Pyramid Tea Bag (Pack of 1100) 67395661
Nestle Coffee-Mate 1kg (Resealable plastic lid, doesn't require refrigeration) 12057675
McVities Victoria Catering Assortment 1200g (An assortment of milk dark and white chocolate) 11876
Nescafe Fairtrade Partners Blend Coffee 500g Catering Tin 12284226
One Cup Tea Bag (Pack of 1100) VTEABAG WX06166
Exclusive Roast and Ground Coffee 1kg VRFA1KG
PG Tips Envelope Tea Bag (Pack of 200) 15919699
Tate & Lyle Rough Cut White Sugar Cubes 1kg A03902
Maxwell House Instant Mild Sticks (Pack of 200) 4041138
Maxwell House Instant Decaf Sticks (Pack of 200) 4041162
Nescafe Coffee Granules 750g Case Deal 12283921
Fairtrade White Sugar Canister 0403105
Lotus Caramelised Biscuits (Pack of 300) A03923
Tetley Envelope Teabags (Pack of 200) A08097
Douwe Egberts Filter Blend Roast and Ground Coffee 1kg 536600
McVities All Butter Shortbread (Pack of 48) 71482
McVities Digestives Portion (Packs (Pack of 48) 48020
McVities Chocolate Digestive Biscuits Twin Pack (Pack of 48) 38957
McVities Hobnobs Biscuits Twin Pack (Pack of 48) 39706
Mentos Individually Wrapped Mints (Pack of 700) A03664
Typhoo One Cup Tea Bag (Pack of 1100) CB029
Volvic Water 50cl (Pack of 24) 11080022
Volvic Mineral Water 1.5 Litre (Pack of 12) 8873
Lakeland Semi Skimmed Milk in a Stick 10ml (Pack of 240) A08089
Kallo Dark Chocolate Rice Cake Thin (Pack of 21) 0401167
MyCafe Still Water 500ml Bottle (Pack of 24) 0201030
PG Tips Pyramid Tea Bags (Pack of 240) 22322301
PG Tips Pyramid Tea Bags (Pack of 160) 67657242
Nescafe and Go 3 in 1 White Coffee Cups (Pack of 8) 12368110
Nescafe Blend 37 Coffee 500g 12284111
Nescafe Gold Blend Black Coffee Cups (Pack of 25) 21HN214
PG Tips Leaf Tea Pre-Packaged Disposable Cups (Pack of 25) 21HN228
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